Mission 5 – Integrity and Empathy

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      In this video clip, Ray has had a problem with the Black players all season. 
      He allows an opposing player to easily get through the line of scrimmage, and tackle Rev, his own quarterback! Resulting in a broken bone in Rev’s wrist.

      What Gary did next, at that time in history, was very brave.

      It was unusual for a white player to speak out against another white player, in defense of an African-American player.

      But sometimes having integrity means trying to feel what it feels like to go through what someone else is going through.

      Discuss this video with your parent or guardian. Tell them about it, and ask them about a time when they stood up for someone.

      Tell us abut when your parent or guardian stood up for someone.

      Also – tell us about a time you stood up for someone.

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