Mission 5: Empathy on Purpose

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      Empathy is understanding someone else’s suffering – and seeking to help them get better.

      If you could wave a magic wand, in which of these areas would you like to make the world better? CHOOSE THREE.

      1. Childhood Poverty
      2. Homelessness
      3. Childhood Hunger
      4. Sick Kids / Inventing new medicines
      5. Good Education for all Kids
      6. Equality for all people – regardless of their race, nationality, religion, etc.
      7. Clean water for kids who don’t have any
      8. Saving the environment (clean energy, global warming, clean ocean, etc.)
      9. Kid safety / Bullying
      10 Inventions
      11. Writing
      12. Entertainment
      13. The Arts (Dance, Music, Fine Art, etc.)
      14. Learning Cultures Around the World
      15. Exercise and Fitness
      16. Connecting people
      17. Computer Programming
      18. Technology
      19. Nature

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